Here is an overview of the services we provide.  We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.
Standard Wedding Ceremony
For couples that are seeking a minister for their wedding, this is for you.  You will receive our help in putting together your ceremony along with email/telephone and in-person consultation as necessary.
Ceremony cost: $125
Same-day rehearsals are included.


Rehearsals are often not needed, particularly if you are having a simple, standard ceremony or if the bridal party is comprised of few people. Even if you plan to have a rehearsal, our attendance is not necessarily needed – we know where to stand! If your venue has a site coordinator, then they may be able to handle things without our presence.
A rehearsal is helpful if the processional is complex or involves many people or if there are young children in the bridal party and in some cases, we may insist upon a rehearsal that we are a part of. We can assure you that we are very good at running fun, efficient rehearsals!  We want to make sure that your ceremony flows in the exact ways that we have discussed, so if you want us there, just ask…
For any rehearsal, please make sure that everyone who is needed will be present and that any props (flower basket, unity candles, etc.) are ready to go.
If your entire bridal party includes 6 or more people and there is no event coordinator at your site, we reserve the right to REQUIRE having a rehearsal to make sure things go smoothly at the ceremony.
Rehearsals that are not on the same day as your ceremony are $50
Eloping – Get Married Today!
For couples that are looking for a quick ceremony the same day you contact us, we try to be accommodating.  We are happy to perform your ceremony at our office or come to you at your location. Two witnesses are required by law to attend and sign the marriage license.

Elope cost: $50

Same day ceremonies only

Marriage License Cost and Info

Vow Renewals
A vow renewal is a ceremony in which an already-married couple reaffirms their love for one another and their commitment to their marriage by either repeating their original wedding vows or by reciting new vows. Many times, a renewal is held on a significant anniversary as part of the anniversary celebration. Or it may be brought on by the end of a hard time in the marriage, the overcoming of a personal hurdle, a change in lifestyle, etc.
Ceremony cost: $125
Traveling and Holidays
We are happy to travel to your location to perform your ceremony, provided the following policies have been provided for:
Any travel of over 30 miles or more than 30 minutes (one way) from our office shall be charged at $.40 per mile (round trip). Mileage and/or travel time are determined by using Google Maps. All toll expenses are also the responsibility of the client.
Additional travel expenses may include a one- or two-night hotel stay, if the rehearsal and/or wedding are more than 80 miles away. These details MUST be discussed prior to signing of contract. (Hotel accommodations are required for any of the following conditions:  a) If the wedding is before 11 a.m. and more than 80 miles away for the night before the wedding; b) If the wedding is after 6:30 p.m. and more than 80 miles away for the night after the wedding; c) If the wedding is more than 80 miles and service is requested for rehearsal the night before the wedding.) All travel expenses should be included in the total ceremony cost and need to be paid prior to the ceremony.  We will also accept accommodations you have booked for us instead of us booking separately.
Weddings performed on holidays (New Years Eve, New Years Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween or Christmas) will be assessed a fee of $100 in addition to any other costs and fees.